Peeling Pads 10 Pcs 3 Types

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Phase one. Clean Cotton Pad dead cells and pore care, epidermis waste removal. Phase two. Clean Superfine Fibre Pad refine epidermis surface, luster care. Honey Luminous Royal Propolis: Double exfoliating care with PHA rich Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Peeling Pad. Dead cells are removed by it as well as unclean sebum to create a lustrous and smooth complexion. Contains mild peeling ingredient PHA for low irritating day exfoliating care and sebum care. Enriched with three layered hyaluronic acid and peptide for plentiful moisturizing as well as radiant luster care. Marine Luminous Pearl: Double impact Marine Luminous Pearl Peeling Pad that cleans away dead cells from skin surface with AHA. It resolves peeling and cleaning at when, and foliage the skin hydrated to keep the pores firm. AHA effectively removes dead skin cells and sebum to create a smooth skin feel. Enriched with Pure deep ocean h20 by Gangwon province, marine collagen, marin energy, and pearl proteins this shedding pad better the skin clean and clean. Glow Luminous Flower: Double impact Glow Luminous Flower Peeling Pad that cleans away sebum and impurities from skin surface with BHA. It takes out old cells and sebum from skin and normalize the skin turn over time. The peeling pad not only remove dead cells on skin surface area, it also clears the blackheads within the pore with BHA. Enriched with rose water, cherry blossom, lavender, calendula, and moringa flower extracts, it actually leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. How you can use: Use on dry face. Lightly wipe whole face in a moving motion using Step one. Clean Cotton Pad side. Lightly roll on pore concerned areas using the Step two. Clean Superfine Fibre Pad side again. Completely rinse off with lukewarm water.

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