Soft Interdental Brush

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SSS-S It's a rubber sort interdental brush that doesn't use wire. It's a pointed tapering process which can be inserted smoothly between narrow tooth, eliminating periodontal disease, dental plaque and having residue, which cause tooth decay. Soft rubber brush, smooth feeling, easy to use coziness. M-L and SS-M Extra soft brush which can penetrate deep in between teeth to get rid of plaque and food residues. Brush material is made from rubber and thus soft enough to protect the gum of yours. Additionally unlike those using wires which may probably result in harm to the gum of yours. Massage sensation while brushing, more healthy to the gum of yours. No matter how narrow or wide between the teeth of yours, the soft material used could easily be placed between teeth. Clean in between teeth immediately after each meal to your nutritious teeth to prevent related health problems or tooth cavities, therefore reducing the risk of losing each useful tooth. How you can use: Remove one interdental brush and put it to use. While watching the mirror, gradually insert it vertically to the interdental part so as not to harm the gums, move finely back and forth to clean it. For functional and sanitary factors, we suggest you use it once per product. When the interval in between the teeth is narrow and it's hard for the brush to enter, consume thread.

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