Facial Toner With Rose Water, 139Ml 139Ml / 4.7 Fl Oz

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Nurture the skin of yours with the witch hazel of ours and rose petal water skin toner. It is time to give the skin of yours some like using the toner of ours is a great way to clear dead skin cells and oil while feeling renewed, clean, and soothed. How you can use: Wash your face using your preferred skin cleanser or soap. For bonus points, make use of a konjac sponge. Use the spray bottle to apply a few spritzes of toner to your decollete and face. Alternately, you are able to spray several times upon a cotton round and use indirectly. Follow up with the preferred skin moisturizer of yours, then proceed onto the makeup routine of yours. Spray toner over the makeup of yours through the entire day to keep your face be fresh, casual, and glowing. This particular toner can be used evening and morning, or for a new improvement to the skin midday of yours.

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