Clear Turn 100% Made In Japan Rice Mask Ex 40 Pcs

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Hundred % domestic rice derived premium rice extract. Ultra-thick milky serum containing premium grain extract penetrates serious to the horny coating. Moisturizing until finally the end, to the dusty epidermis next early morning. Premium Rice Extract: five sorts of extracts extracted from hundred % domestic grain. Grain fermented extract, rice bran extract, purple brown rice extract (rice bran extract), hydrolyzed grain extract or hydrolyzed rice bran extract GL (moisturizing). 1.5 times (Series ratio) thick luxury domestic seat fit perfectly to the skin. Milky serum fluid is an abundance on a thick and soft sheet. With easy-to-use comfort, you are able to stick it to your mouth as well as mouth when you worry. Thick and short-term skin with all-in-one mask. With this skin and comprehensive massage. It's all-in-one mask for all faces - Lotion, Cream, Latex, Aesthetic Solution, Pack and Eye Mask. How you can use: Use on cleansing skin right after cleansing. When feeling dry, do the mask after using, cream, emulsion, etc. stand epidermis. You are able to use it for cleaning of the early morning.

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