Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence 200Ml

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Almost all in one jelly essence that functions as lotion, essence, milk, and mask. Dense, comfortable and comfortable with a refreshing feeling, it adheres abundantly to skin which has received UV damage. Decrease the development of melanin, prevent freckles and stains. The same vulnerable acidity as nourishing bare skin. No fragrance, absolutely no coloring, absolutely no mineral oil, and care for the skin. It's a cosmetic solution that additionally functions as skin lotion + emulsion + cosmetic solution + astringent + pack. It's OK to complete skin with this one particular product after morning and evening face washing. How to use: After washing the face of yours in the early morning as well as evening, take a suitable amount on the palm of yours and gently spread it on the epidermis of yours. Can be used in combination with other skin products. The crystal of the teeth whitening ingredient may stick on the cap. In that case, wipe with clean gauze, etc. and use it.

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