Fukudake Wiping Cleansing Pad 17G

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Wiping Cleansing Pad from Heidi Dorf. Makeup is removed by fluffy pad, dirt of pores by wiping after soaked in the bath. The ultra fine fibre pad is a brand new material which is set up by one micron unit of fiber. Since the cross area of the ultrafine fibre has a polygonal shape, the fiber goes into the invisible unevenness and also removes old skin, darkness and dirt definitely. The pad can be repeated aproximatelly 200 times by washing it every after using. How you can use: Wet the pad with lukewarm water or water. Lightly wipe the pad on the face like drawing a circle. Remember to be careful not to place too much energy. Rinse face with lukewarm water or water and wipe off moisture with a clean towel. You should clean the pad after using with warm water and soap. Remember to remove moisture of the pad and keep it in a well ventilated spot.

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