Elixir Superieur Enriched Cream 45G

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Beauty dense lotion which works on the skin of yours while sleeping. The eye that is worried etc is satisfied plentily, the awakening of the following morning changes. It passes and fits with no stickiness, provides rich moisture. Aroma of enjoyable aqua floral scent. How to use: At the conclusion of the evening treatment, take one pearl grain as a guide and place it in 5 areas of the face. Increase and distribute the lotion from the great part such as foot and cheeks to dissolve the lotion with the fingertips of yours. Then, use 4 fingers to pull up the entire cheek upwards. How to make use of it to raise sense of elasticity: At the conclusion of the night's attention, take 3 pearl grains as a guide, draw a spiral. Increase the cheek so as to increase the cheeks. (three times) Lift the gauge line sideways and take it up obliquely upward. (six times) Pull up from the face line part to temple. (six times) Finally press the temple. It's a point to do with moderate force adjustment to move the muscles. Add a lotion when the finger gets difficult to slip.

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