Center-In Daily Wing Sanitary Napkin 24Cm 17 Pcs 2 Types

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Super instantaneous absorbing center in pad with tightly packed substantial absorbent polymer satisfies firmly on the body, absorbing menses. Even in case you're concerned about getting away, you'll quickly confine menstrual blood, so take in it still in case it's thinner. It's better in absorbed amount and absorption speed, it assimilates firmly in the napkins. Improved' fluffy sheet' assimilates speed, therefore assimilates in the center without spreading menstrual blood, it's safe without losing beside. Girls that love fashion are also convinced package designs which don't are like sanitary supplies. it is easy to have and It is perfect for heading out. Unique packaging is so thin and compact as to fit snugly into the palm of the hand of yours with the very own packaging technology of its, for that reason still in case you put it in a pocket or pouch, it's wise. Moreover, since it doesn't use paper tape, the noise when it's replaced is very quiet. Center Inn is full of pleasant functions in various scenes related to menstruation. After use it's wrapped in a sheet and thrown away. Pack Size - seventeen pcs

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