Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit 20 Pcs

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A 2 step solution that dissolves blackheads and tightens pores for a smooth looking, boiled egg like nose.A 2 step mask which effectively removes blackheads and too much sebum with natural ingredients to create clean, smooth skin with no squeezing Step one - Blackhead Clear Mask: Gently dissolve sebum and blackheads to clean clogged pores Step two - Pore Tightening Mask: Enriched with Witch Hazel Extract to soothe and hydrate skin while offering sebum control and pore contraction How to use: one. Following face cleansing, place the Blackhead Clear Mask more than skin area with blackheads and then leave it for ten mins. two. Remove the mask and use the cotton swab to wipe away blackheads and sebum from outside to within, and bottom to up. three. Use the Pore Tightening Mask and then leave it for ten mins. four. Remove the mask & wipe away blackheads and sebum again with cotton swab from outside to inside, and bottom to up. Tips: one. Apply steam towel over ideal location before application to wide open skin pores for better cleansing effect. two. Put Step two Pore Tightening Mask into refrigerator prior to use to love better pore contraction impact.

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