Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyeliner 2 Types

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A two means eyeliner in which the liquid liner and the glossy eye color are one. The eyeliner is a brushlet sort which can get beautiful collections to the exterior corner of the eye with a 0.1 mm brush with Kosi. Keep in close contact with the epidermis, keep a clear line for a long time. Lady reddish brown. Eye color is gel feel and closely adheres to the epidermis. New sense powdered that doesn't fall very easily still in case it puts on the crease of the eye. Remarkable eyes that shine with exquisite colors to develop a feeling of gloss and glare. Orange beige displaying the skin clean. Eye cosmetic ingredients (moisturizing) are compounded. How you can use: Coat the entire eye hole with gel powder. In case you use it also for the lower eyelid, the eyepiece width looks extended. Draw a line in the eye's wrinkle so as to seal in the gap of the eyelashes. When you draw somewhat thickly above the dark eyes, it is going to become a more perfect eyes.

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