No-Additive Makeup-Removing Aloe Face Wash 120G

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Formulated this face wash with only the true essentials in brain. Frothy soap with hundred % plant derived ingredients and aloe for dewy, abundantly hydrated skin. Foaming, makeup removing face wash in a creamy detergent formula made with hundred % plant derived ingredients plus aloe extract. Velvety foam locks in moisture while effectively removing makeup for beautifully smooth skin. Gentle cleansing action keeps skin healthy, don't tight. Gentle on epidermis with no additives! Totally free of fragrances, preservatives, mineral oil, and colors. A great option for those with sensitive skin. Get abundantly moisturized skin with aloe. Has aloe vera extract, famous for the effective moisturizing qualities of its. Replenishes moisture for dewy, lusciously hydrated skin. How to Use: Take a suitable amount (two to three cm) in the palm of the hands of yours, wash well to ensure it's whipped with lukewarm water or water, then rub it, then rinse completely. Suggest cleansing exclusively for hard to fall stage makeup (mascara, lipstick etc.) Pack Size - 120g

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