Make Up Remover 120G

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Makeup remover with skin safety ingredient as well as grain power No.2 extract is a gel type makeup remover which gently treats the skin of yours and also eliminates hard-to-remove cosmetics, square plugs & blackheads. It's sleek and stretches well, immediately adjusts to dirt and makeup and floats, and it is smooth and refreshing. Though it does not take away moisture. Mild to the skin. No scent, absolutely no style, no oil surfactant, no animal raw materials, alcohol free, vulnerable acid. How you can use: Take a suitable amount on dried up palm, blend well with cosmetics, and when it comes up, emulsify with lukewarm or cold water and rinse off. When utilized with damp hands, a film of oil and moisture might form and yes it may feel difficult, that be sure to use with dry hands.

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