Sleep Time Aroma Mist Night 100Ml

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It's a night aroma mist blended with fruity yellow sweet-tasting, floral lavender, and 2 organic essential oils. Anytime, anywhere I can spare. Since it's a mist sort that are able to be worn easily, you'll be able to use it not only as a room fragrance which styles confident space, but also easily on the go. To not say vaguely, of course, when you want to relax tension in the day and relax time just before going to bed. The peaceful fragrance strength invites you to a light mood and switches off the mind of yours. Recommended for traveling. From young adults to those concerned about cognitive support, you are able to use regardless of age. How you can use: Spray in the air repeatedly. You are able to also put it to use for linens such as pillows and curtains and sheets.

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